martes, 26 de enero de 2010


When this season arrives it’s imposible not to find xmas images everywhere. Comics are no different, due to market demands.
Publishers, in general, work with very solid protocols. Every season or special dates must be reflexed in the magazine (especially monthly magazines). With that logic in mind, you get all the characters dressed as Santa. That may seem an easy job since working with conventions it looks easier to get ideas but after so many years working with the same characters it’s more difficult than anticipated. Coming with new ideas for the same characters and the same scenery gets complicated. You get the feeling you’re always doing the same, repeating the same kind of stories. I may have drawn 40 different covers with the xmas theme and luckily im still doing it. The weird thing is I happen to write the xmas stories during summer with 35 degrees Celsius in Spain, looking at the beach out the window while trying to draw cold winter things. Not much inspiration to begin with! I always try to look around my environment to find hints for gags and jokes but that comes second with xmas stories which need, mainly a “good vibrations” mood. In this situation I choose to create “Pose covers”. They are neutral pictures because they are not entirely faithful to the character’s personalities but they also do not betray them since they do not interact with each other. They both interact with the reader, it is for him they pose to.
As an example, here there are some covers. They belong to their first original publishing, before they get translated and ported to other countries.

1988-1989 ( SEMIC PRESS )

1991-1996 ( SEMIC PRESS )

1998 ( EGMONT ) 2001 ( FULL STOP MEDIA )

2002-2003 ( FULL STOP MEDIA )

2004-2005 ( FULL STOP MEDIA )

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