martes, 5 de enero de 2010

DROOPY (1987)

When publishers are in need of contents it’s a great time to test new things. The magazine has to be out on the streets every month and that rush makes quality of the work not a priority. Seriously, when you have to finish the work and time is running out, a down in quality is often tolerated. The artist has to learn to live with that and stop working on pages that, given more time, you wouldn’t ever say you are happy with nor satisfied. For that reason, or many others, it was a good situation for an artist like me that needed many hours of pencil work to evolve fast and find my own style. Working a lot and making lots of mistakes is a good way to learn, maybe not the best, I don’t know, but it’s effective especially to become a professional on the media... Being a good professional on this media doesn’t imply to be a good artist.
In those times when the publisher demands lots of pages, different orders come and you get the chance to draw some other characters, being the artist’s talent a secondary requisite, the most important factor is being able to finish the work as soon as possible.
That’s when I got my first contact with DROOPY and learned its creator: TEX AVERY, master of masters.
Totally unconsciously, boldly and quite crazy, I dared to draw some pages for CONDOR VERLAG about this great character. God forgive me once again!
These are some of the pages. Overall, they were short gags, one page jokes without words… I still ignore why they asked me to do this kind of stories of DROOPY or why the character personality in comic was so different from the original concept of the character. For curiosity’s sake, I include some pages of those old TOM & JERRY stories where DROOPY would appear as well. I’m not sure if there is any other story where the three characters appear together again. Maybe this was the only time!

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  1. Funny gags (the wordless ones at least - I can't read the rest ;) ) but I agree, quite a departure from classic Droopy's personality.

    Fun stuff :)

  2. Interesting to see him in a T&J story were he is one of the main characters instead of just having a brief cameo like in the other comics I've read were he interacts with them.

    Like you said, Droopy is handled a bit differently here compared to his cartoons were he would usually be the one who got others in trouble or beaten up instead of himself. But that is understandble as I know from personal experience there are some things in animation that doesn't always translate as well into comics.