viernes, 5 de marzo de 2010


In my last post i talked about the need for publishers that trust artists and writers and respect their will to take risks so they can make works as singular as the one I expose today.
1992. It’s been so long, I know, and that’s why I think this story has this singular component. It’s a parody of two big classic characters of comic portrayed by two other big classic characters of comic. That itself is quite bold
In the technique department, the pages themselves have non standard structure for a work of that kind. The ink isn’t conventional either: black spots, the shadowing of characters… All that and some other details like drama brought by the rain in the last sequence, make this work an exercise of freedom in an environment often too ruled by the establishment and excessive conservatism.
Once this work was edited, I got congratulated. I’m very sure I wouldn’t be able to do this story for any other publisher. Freedom is born from trust and in my case, for many years, I didn’t give any explanation about what I was going to do or the kind of story I was working on. The publishers received the final work. I will always be grateful to SEMIC PRESS for the chance they gave me to evolve into what I thought I had to.
The only inconvenient was that I never had the chance to color my own work. That was managed in the publisher offices and I was never satisfied with the results. This story would look much better with a different selection of colors and someone with a bit of talent working with them.

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  1. This is wonderful! Batman is my favorite superhero, and I love Tom and Jerry, so this is a great combination! Do you mind if I post about this and put a link here on my blog



  2. From the sounds of this blog title, I was worried of seeing a "Tom and Jerry Kids" episode of the same name - but happily I was wrong :)

    A brilliant combination of two idols in animation and comic book. Makes me wonder why no other T&J fan has ever thought of doing this before...? ;)

  3. Was this story mainly inspired by the 1989 movie or was it some other Batman comic you were influenced by?

  4. Jerrry looks cute in that bat suite. I don't speak spanish so didn't understand a word but artwork looks great and I would like to use it for tom and jerry fan site here: tom and jerry .. if you allow that